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Jack is 3. His mom is 20-something. Jack says funny things. His mom types them here for you to enjoy.
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

postheadericon So random.

While eating spaghetti and garlic bread:

J: "Mom, will you come get dis bug dat's flying by me?"
M: "Yeah, where is it?"
J: "Oh, I think it flied away."
M: "I think he wants to eat your supper."
J: "Noooo. Bugs don't like supper."

Dang, I wish that was true.

While eating a Swiss Cake Roll:

J: "Mom, I like dees marshmallows in here."
M: "Me too!"
J: "Mom, I wanna go camping."
M: "What? Why?"
J: "So dat we can eat marshmallows, wif da fire."

.....a few minutes later...

J: "okay mom, I won't kill you."
M: "WHAT?!"
J: "I said I won't kill you."
M: "um... okay. Thanks."

In other news, today is my and D's 4th wedding anniversary. Weird. What happened to all that time?